Aditya series Top

Vital Details


60/72/80 cells Polycrystalline solar PV module


Utility Scale systems, Off-Grid systems, Grid-tied systems.
Key Features
High conversion efficiency based on leading innovative photovoltaic technologies
High reliability with guaranteed 0~+4.99 Wp power output tolerance, ensuring ROI
Withstands high wind-pressure and snow load (passed 5400Pa mechanical loading test), and extreme temperature variations
Optimal output over decades, with very good low light response

Price List

Panel Model Power (Pm) in watts (nominal)
Price Excl. VAT
WS 30 30W R350.00
WS 50 50W R580.00
WS 80 80W R880.00
WS 100 100W R1 100.00
WS 125 125W R1 380.00
WS 150 150W R1 600.00
WS 250 250W R2 000.00
WS 260 260W R2 100.00
WS 270 270W R2 180.00
WS 300 300W R2 400.00
WS 310 310W R2 580.00
WS 320 320W R2 600.00
WS 325 325W R2 680.00